Monday, July 4, 2011

Poem #2: Still I Rise

Still I Rise

They got me feeling like black Jesus when I walk
But instead of carrying a cross
I’m carrying a hoop to be crucified
but still I rise
As blood and tears flood my eyes
I cry
Not because of pain
but because they despise
Praying for my downfall
so I continue to rise
Lynched by haters because they think I've lied
about the talents I possess
And every step I take towards my death
I can only reminisce
But still I rise
From being down on one knee
And exhausted from the heat
Feelings of defeat
Swept me off my feet
But once again my passion made me rise
After all I grew from concrete
Amongst rodents and flies
Friends turned enemies
Is the assembly of the epitome of a success 
Some call it a curse I call it being bless
But still I rise
And walk to the top of the hill
Where I’m crucified with nails
Pierced through wrist and heels
But Still I rise
After I fall
And stand tall
For all the doubters who didn’t believe in me at all
Jesus was hated too
Still I rise

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Letter To Dante Anderson


Dear DA...                                                                                                       6-19-11

I know that your up in heaven watching…what’s going on down here but I still decided to write you. It has been four years since I got that bad news. But it seems like it was yesterday that I was just talking to you. I was in Arizona for the Cactus Classic. And a reporter came up and asked me have I heard what happen. When he broke the news, I choked in confused. As tears raced down my cheek, stuck in disbelief. That night I couldn’t sleep, woke up in cold sweat. So I went and walked the streets to catch a fresh
breath…I needed some relief and to clear this mind of mines...A shoulder for support because I had a weaken spine. My mind was feeling lost and weary. Memories made me reminisce and talk to you as if you were standing near me. I knew that you can hear me when I screamed your name dearly...As I stared at the sky, I asked God why…The bad grows old and the young got to die? A lot of things changed since you left us. Rivers shook on Reebok and went to Adidas. Zo is married now and had a little daughter. Quincy goes to Baylor and is about to be a father. Our president is Black and his name is Barack Obama. Pac and Big death remains unsolved but they found Osama. I got BoBo to join me at UCLA. But he transferred to Baylor because he didn’t get to play. Will is at O State and D. Mill hoops at Kentucky. I.T stayed in Washington to be a husky. Shaq and Dash is repping you hard like they should. And I haven’t heard from Patt but I’m sure he’s doing good. As for me…I put my name in the draft. Not caring about the opinions that the Naysayer’s have. Their doubt and hate are nothing but gas to my V8. And I’ve been on the road since the 18th of May. All this time I've been on the G.R.I.N.D like Get Ready It’s a New Day. At the combine my jersey number was 22. So it’s only right that I dedicate this process to you. I wear your memory shirt to every workout interview. So you can experience this experience that you will never get to experience. I find myself signing onto AIM every now and then. Because your screen name is somehow still signed in. I message you in hopes of a reply. I always let you know that I’m going to keep your dream alive.

I miss you...see you at the top  


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Enigmatic: Birth of The Hitman

I vividly remember when I was told I would never play at a high D1 level. My entire life I have lived in the shadow of others. I’ve always had to work harder than the next man because nothing was ever given to me. That is what my competitive nature is generated from. I am the definition of what you call an “underdog”. And quite frankly I love it. I love being doubted. I love being hated. I love being underestimated. I love being misunderstood. I love being told “I can’t” do something. To be honest, I rather be hated than loved if I can’t have both. Growing up against all odds embedded a “me against the world” mindset. I adopted the alter ego of a hit man in high school after creating a list…I called it my “Hit List”. This list consisted of highly touted players’ shadows that I lived in. I felt that I was just as good if not better than these guys but the only difference is that they had a name and I was a “nobody”. I wanted to take out every moving target and that’s what I did. After I started to go though my list, I slowly started to get noticed. What makes me different is that I’m not a jealous person considering being someone who is always an afterthought. I never hero-worshiped nor hated the next man. I respect everyone but fear no one.

Aside from my hit list, my alter ego stems from being alone. When you receive so much hate and doubt you really feel like you are against the world. Have you noticed that in some hit man movies, the assassins’ family is usually murdered during their childhood or they’ve been betrayed and seek revenge? Hypothetically, this is the epitome of my alter ego. I feel that by taking out all of the “politicians”, our competition would only result to the naysayer’s eating their own words.

A new chapter in my life now begins as I face new obstacles and assignments in search of my dream: The NBA. Along with the new beginning comes new hatred, doubt and other negativity. This will be the biggest challenge of them all but I’m far from discouraged.  I’m use to being “David” and I’m going to take advantage of every opportunity to slay “Goliath” You know its funny how history really does repeats itself as I find myself writing out a new hit list. I call this Operation "No Love".


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Poem #1: If You Only Knew...SMH

If you new what was really going on behind the closed doors that opened up to your heart…you would probably have a heart attack. Because the fact is that the key that starts your car never fitted properly in the ignition. And all along you was really hotwiring your own engine, thinking that she was engaged with your gears. But that’s only if you knew…that faithfulness blew along with the tumbleweeds in the wind. And that as you thought of her, she was thinking of him. And when you was with him, he was thinking of her, wishing that he was you. Holding her hand while walking in your shoes. He wanted to rock your shoes, even if they didn’t fit. Because when selfishness is stubborn and is fascinated by something it sees, it is oblivious to all of the important things. So when he shoved his foot in these undersized sneakers, he tore than just leather and soles. He tore his soul. He tore the value of what friendship holds. He unlaced trust and ripped out the loyalty. His toes formed bunions and corns causing deformity. And no matter how much callus grew and blisters bled he still attempted to walk in shoes that was a little to small for his comfort. But that’s only if you knew…what was in between these shady lines. That consisted of nothing but dishonesty and feelings in disguise. The acronym for L.I.E. is Less Is Enough. When she told you that she was in love with you she was really in lust. Because true love don’t commit infidelities, especially when it is with your B.F.F. Best Fake Friend. But that’s only if you knew. That your right hand had caressed your heart every time you felt your chest getting ready to explode from just thinking of her. She is the sunrise that you awake for. She is the cloud that you float on from being forever high off love. She is the oxygen that your lungs desire to inhale and dread when you have breathe her out. She is your everything. But if you only knew that your everything, was everything but the things you thought she was, you would probably have a heart attack. You’ve mistaken her horns for a halo. Her attraction was nothing but a distraction to her empty soul. Her sex game put you in a blindfold not for the sexual suspense but to blind you from the truth. And he, he has a heartbeat of the Kamikaze. With bombs made up of betrayal strapped to his body, Crashing into your love while killing his own morals and principles. You walk with a butcher knife in your back and don’t even know it. He shakes your hand with red palms and you never even noticed. Her lips kisses yours with a heart that exploded. You catch grenades for her, not knowing she had thrown them. But what you don’t know wont hurt you…better yet it wouldn’t even kill you, sincerely Ignorance is bliss. You would kill and die in defense of this unconditional love. This estimates the epitome of black roses and guns. But that’s only if you knew, that your one and only was not the only one in the equation…1+1=2. Until someone decides to add another one, which changes up the sum. Relationships with pyramid like connections never succeeds and we wonder why its odd. Well trouble comes in threes. You bleed unconsciously from an invisible cut, that’s more like a gash. The depth of this wound is too sad for words. And knowledge wouldn’t heal it, but would only inflict the pain, so its best that you remain un-bandaged. I guest that’s the damage of what a beautiful knife would do to you. You’ve always wondered why every time you plucked Daisy peddles you was left with “She loves me not”. And as your suspicion rose you quickly forced yourself to believe that it was only a stupid game. But if cupid were to take ex rays of your chest it will be dreadful. Because the results would show an ice box where your heart use to be, with my fingerprints on the broken lock that once secured your everything. It would probably kill you, if you knew that I was to ashamed to write this poem in the first person. But that’s only if you knew

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Am A Queen

I Am A Queen, is a poem created by poet Brook Yung. It is a powerful piece that epitomizes life through the game of chess. "You can't conquer your border 'till you conquer your box" -B.Yung

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Wolf & The Rabbit

The Wolf and the Rabbit.

Have you ever heard of the tale about the wolf and the rabbit? Well if you haven’t, let me enlighten you. Wolves and rabbits are both apart of the wild animal kingdom. They are in constant battle with each other over the same matter…LIFE. However, please don’t  misunderstand this.  Although these two animals are chasing after the same thing, their motives and intentions are completely different towards prospering in life. First, let me analyze the traits which separate the two.

The Big Bad Wolf: Top of the food chain which makes it arrogant. Hungry animal who is always on the hunt for food. Such an efficient hunter, at times it can become satisfied and take things for granted.  Many times the wolf is its own worst enemy.

Silly Rabbit: Bottom of the food chain. Always paranoid and looking over its shoulder for predators. Very fast, quick and agile. Takes nothing for granted.  Has extremely strong instincts and is very aware of situations.

Now you may be wondering…How do the motives and intentions of the wolf and rabbit differ from each other within the scope of LIFE and survival.  Well, its simple. The wolf chases the rabbit for a meal, while the rabbit runs from the wolf for its life. If the wolf catches the rabbit, it's just another option for a meal. But if the rabbit escapes, it lives for another day. This exemplifies how precious the rabbit values life and how the wolf at times can take it for granted.

Now back to reality. Due to our success this season, lately “We” as in the UCLA basketball team, has approached games with a “wolf” like mentality. Not the “ideal" wolf that represents a killer, but instead, the wolf that seldomly grieves when a rabbit gets away because in its mind another opportunity to eat will soon arise. However, during this time of the season, if that rabbit gets away, there wont be another opportunity for a meal. Therefore, in conclusion, while it may seem deceiving, it is vital that "We" approach the big dance with a mentality of a rabbit. Besides, lets not forget what got us to this “wolf” like mindset to begin with…Go Bruins!!!